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The Florida Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Network is an extensive, statewide system for health professional education and support founded upon 10 regional Area Health Education Centers. Each center is supported by an AHEC program at one of the state’s medical schools. This organizational structure enables the AHECs to draw upon the resources of the academic health centers in addressing local health care issues. The Florida AHEC Network has, over this past decade, addressed the primary health care needs of Florida's most vulnerable populations through a series of innovative strategies designed to:

  • Extend Academic Health Resources

  • Provide Information and Support for Community Providers

  • Influence Health Professions Education

  • Influence the Future Health Professional Work Force


Centers by County


Hover over a county to see which AHEC it is covered by. Click on the county to go to the center’s website.

For more detailed information on program offices and contact information, click here.

Florida State University AHEC Program

  • Florida State AHEC

University of Miami AHEC Program

  • Miami-Dade AHEC

  • Florida Keys AHEC

Nova Southeastern University AHEC Program

  • Central Florida AHEC

  • Everglades AHEC

University of Florida AHEC Program

  • Big Bend AHEC

  • Northeast Florida AHEC

  • Suwannee River AHEC

  • West Florida AHEC

University of South Florida AHEC Program

  • Gulfcoast North AHEC

  • Gulfcoast South AHEC

Statewide Opioid Project

The Florida AHEC Network is working to reduce the statewide morbidity and mortality associated with opioid use and addiction through interventions designed to prevent opioid abuse and strengthen the capacity of Florida’s healthcare system to deliver early detection and appropriate treatment for those at risk and those addicted to opioids.

We are working collaboratively across the state to:

  • Provide health professional training opportunities in rural and high impact areas in all 67 Florida counties

  • Provide training opportunities for medical residency programs and health professions student programs in a wide range of disciplines throughout the state

  • Identify and adopt evidenced-based capacity building models of practice for opioid abuse prevention and early intervention

  • Develop outreach/PR programs locally and via social media within all 67 counties

  • Provide educational materials for health professionals and community members to organizations across the state of Florida


Florida AHEC Scholars Program

The 2018-2019 Florida AHEC Scholars Program is currently underway. This program is made up of interdisciplinary health professions students, working together to build the competencies to transform primary care.

Click here to learn more about the Florida AHEC Scholars Program.