Health Professional CME/CE Training

The Florida AHEC Network provides in-person and online trainings, which offer CME and CE credits, on evidence-based best practices for preventing and treating Opioid Use Disorder.

The trainings are appropriate for a wide range of disciplines, including, but not limited to, behavioral health professionals, primary care physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

You can view a calendar of upcoming trainings here.

To register for an upcoming class or to schedule one in your area, contact your local AHEC.

Below is a list of available trainings:

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Prescribing Opioids for Pain Management

· Describes the mechanism of action for opioid agonists, opioid antagonists, and mixed opioid agonists-antagonists

· Describes the role of the opioid receptors with regard to their impact on central nervous system physiology

· Discusses the history of controlled substance regulations in the United States

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Neurophysiology of Pain Management: Developing an Appreciation for Selective Therapeutic Regimens

· Describes the role of ascending and descending pathways in the transmission of pain

· Discusses the peripheral mechanisms that are involved in facilitation, inhibition, and modulation of pain information

· Discusses the function of the dorsal horn with regard to the processing of pain information

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Complementary and Integrative Medicine Approaches for Pain Management

· Discusses the rationale for incorporating Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM) in the management of pain/chronic pain in the care plan

· Describes different complementary and integrative approaches for pain management

· Explains how to incorporate complementary and integrative approaches in pain management

Pharmacology of Multi-Modal Approaches for Pain Management

· Describes the process by which opioid and non-opioid medications modulate pain signals in the central and peripheral nervous system

· Reviews multi-modal pharmaceutical approaches used for pain management

· Explains the relationship of the neurophysiology of nociceptive transmission with the mechanism of action for the most commonly prescribed pharmaceutical pain management agents

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Opioid Use and Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnancy

· Defines and Describe Opioid Use Disorder and Screening in Pregnancy

· Describes the Effects of Opioids on Pregnancy Outcomes

· Describes Role of Obstetrician – Gynecologist and other Obstetric Care Providers

· Describes Opioid Treatment in Pregnancy Using Opioid Agonist Pharmacotherapy

· Describes the Antepartum, Intrapartum and Postpartum Care in Women with Opioid Use Disorder

· Reviews the Florida Statutes

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